The thing that most people in the world want to know is, "What drives oversensitive, politically-muddled pop star M.I.A.?" Fortunately for everyone, she's finally answered this question. If you can figure out the following quote, wisdom is yours!

"Somebody told me that if you wake up every day and do stuff that's easy, and then you're doing the wrong thing. If you wake up every day and do stuff that's really hard and you manage to get through to people, then you're doing the right thing.

"They might have just fooled me by telling me that, but it worked. I think that's my philosophy. I feel that way about this video we did. It might be difficult for people to get their heads around, but it also might mean something. I don't know.

"Hey, I can see your mouth moving, but there's a delay. Because your cell phone goes to America or India or somewhere, and then it bounces off a satellite and beams itself to the other side of the street."

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[Via MTV UK. Pic: Getty]