Last night's season finale of The City faced the unenviable task of following The Hills. Solution? Just make everyone as unhappy as possible and let the dramatic "cliffhanger" carry over to the next season.

Oh no! There's trouble in People's Revolution paradise! Whitney's being courted by another PR company for her fashion line and Kelly Cutrone is not pleased. Alison Brod, in all of her shiny, pink, two-faced, anit-Kelly glory, has one meeting with Whitney and announces to all that she's leaving People's Rev.

After over half of season of trying to get Olivia fired, Erin unsurprisingly fails and Olivia returns from Tokyo as the still-reigning, small-faced queen of Coasting on a surprisingly smooth visit to Elle Japan, Olivia looks more smug than ever and even gets a dig in at Erin at the end of their meeting.

And where has Roxy been this episode? In the grand total of two minutes that she appeared on camera, she spent about sixty seconds bitching about Whitney by Central Park and the other minute showing her that she was Kelly's girl all the way. Great for her now that it doesn't look like she's going to get fired every other show.

And so ends another season of The City. But seriously, after the series finale of The Hills, do you doubt that any of this was unscripted?