Here's a trailer for It's Kind of a Funny Story, a dark indie comedy about Keir Gilchrist from United States of Tara McMurphying his way through a mental health ward.

It's the kind of psych ward populated by hilarious sloppy spirit guides (a toning-it-down Zach Galifianakis) and sexxxy hotpot teen gurls (Emma Roberts, still doing that ol' Emma Roberts thing). It also has wistful indie pop and lessons about the rumply vagaries of life and the twingle-twangle, hairy-palmed beautiful mystery of being a young white man. (The most important kind of person on the planet.)

This is the much needed companion piece to Winona Ryder's Last Good Movie, except it's a comedy instead of a wintry drama. It doesn't look that bad? Keir Gilchrist is good on Tara, so that's promising (even though he plays straight in this, boo). And we haven't gotten sick of Galifianakis yet (have you?), so yay. Who cares about Emma Roberts, she's a total blank. Viola Davis pops us! (There was an all-knowing black lady in Girl, Interrupted too!) And then age is come of (what?) and the Gilmore girl comes to pick us all up and that's that.

[via Videogum]