So that alleged Russian spy who worked as a Microsoft software tester for nine months had a Facebook profile, which you can see after the jump. How did people not catch on to this guy? The clues were all there.

Alexey Karetnikov's Facebook profile promoted the "anti-capitalist, anti-establishment" London street artist Banksy. It was strangely silent about the Russian spy ring bust, going quiet despite being updated multiple times per week before the bust (and Karetnikov was only detained last week, said the Washington Post). It called hippie folk rock, long a favorite of subversive troublemakers, "very nice music." There was a discussion — in Russian! — of remote and surveillance technology.

The most telling sign, though, that the Microsoftie was a likely turncoat has to be his approving quotation of one Steve Wozniak, co-founder of blood rival Apple Inc. Dead. Giveaway.

Karetnikov's profile is below, or you can find it here until it gets taken down. [Via Mashable]

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