Today we laid out some reasons for why we write about certain things. This sparked some philosophizing among commenters about why anyone does things on blogs, ever. One commenter made some important and truthful points about why people do writing.

From TedSez:

3: "You're writing about this [Lindsay Lohan, the oil spill, American Apparel, the giant meteor that's about to hit Earth] just for the page views!"

4: "You're just jealous because you can't [act in I Know Who Killed Me, dredge oil out of the ocean, sleep with hot employees, destroy the world] yourself."

5. "You're just critical because you're bitter. (Unlike me, whose criticism of you is based on a thoughtful understanding of the human condition.)"

6. "You're trying to fill a constant daily news/commentary hole that's come to seem like a vicious, hungry monster that can never be satisfied." [Okay, this one is probably true.]

That's pretty much it!