Apple has invited members of the press to a "special press conference" this Friday regarding the iPhone 4. Friday is the day to dump bad news. Is this the iPhone 4 recall?

According to The Loop,

Apple on Wednesday invited select press to a special press conference to be held this Friday in California.

Apple would only say that the press conference would be regarding the iPhone 4. No other information was available when I spoke with them tonight.

Apple has been conducting a sneaky "silent recall" on iPhone 4s due to their notorious antennae issues. But given how widespread the problem is, the only way to address it may be a more general recall. Recently, Consumer Reports retracted its recommendation due to the reception issue, something that has not been easy for Apple to brush aside no matter how much they try to censor chatter about it.

Whatever Apple tells this "select press" on Friday is certainly not going to be good news. Is Apple's biggest recall right around the corner?