Another week, another ridiculous homophobic moment featuring Ryan from The Real World. First, it was his anti-gay confrontation (watch). Then, his penchant for cuddling with boys (watch). Tonight, more ignorant and hypocritical/nonsensical insults about teh gayz! Video inside.

So, here's the sitch, y'all: Preston has been getting alllllll sorts of booty, and—as we find out—Ryan is not happy about it. Why? Well, it could be a) because he thinks two men having sex is "so disgusting," b) because he's jealous that Preston is actually having sex when he's not, c) because he secretly wishes he was the one in bed with his roommate, or d) all of the aforementioned.

Here's the clip. Also, pay attention to the tense exchange between Ryan and Preston that follows the "sex scene," which basically does even more to confirm the fact that Ryan may or may not be a self-loathing closet case.

Until next time!

[The Real World: New Orleans