Not that we're complaining. Andy Samberg dressed as the psychic octopus, Will Ferrell was a human vuvuzela, Tracy Morgan performed his usual crazy antics, and Seth Meyers delivered his lines as if it was time for Weekend Update. Videos inside!

Here's a selection Seth Meyers' opening. Two jokes, in particular, really surprised the crowd. First was a series of "Brett Favre is so old that..." jokes that ended with an awkward shot of the football player's reaction. Second was a cheap shot about Lamar Odom's relationship with one of those Kardashian sisters.

Andy Samberg came on stage dressed as the Paul psychic octopus for awhile. In this clip, he attempts to predict what team LeBron will sign with.


Fittingly, Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis' sportscasting characters Pete Twinkle and Greg Stink. This time, instead of feminine products, they're hawking Preparation H.

Tracy Morgan showed a "behind the scenes" look of the time when he tried out for a role as Nelson Mandela. It might be fake, but it's still a laugh.


Will Ferrell came onstage as a man who sounds like a vuvuzela. To my delight, he then performed a duet with the very-talented Janelle Monae, who had played the role of "house band" all night.

So there you have it. SNL lovers, I bet you wish your nerdy asses had tuned into ESPN last night.