It's summer. Aside from oil spills, ranting celebrities, and imprisoned starlets, there's not much going on. Divert yourself with this game wherein we ask you to match the reality star to their fake tan. What else you got to do?

If there's one thing a reality star likes even more than attention and swag, it's a dark orange tan. It's so ubiquitous that we thought we'd test your knowledge with photos of five of our favorite messes, all of whom spend way too much time in a tanning bed (or in front of a spray tan machine).

This quiz so easy that even reality stars will be able to figure it out! Below are five close-ups of famous fake tans that you have seen causing countless amounts of drama on your television. Guess what reality star it belongs to and then click on the photo and the answer will magically appear on your screen. And just like one of those little games at the amusement park where you get a toy for blowing up the clown head balloon the fastest (and, really, what are reality stars if not clown heads?), you stand to win a prize. (Sort of.) Go to the bottom of the post to see what you get.

Click on the box to reveal the answer.

One Correct Answer: Really? You could only get one right? You don't deserve anything.

Two Correct Answers: Congrats! You won an amazing serenade. Click here to redeem your prize.

Three Answers Correct: Good job. You get to watch our favorite movie. Click here to redeem your prize.

Four Answers Correct: You do know your tans! Click here to redeem your prize.

Five Answers Correct: Wow! You're like a reality TV rain man or something. You deserve nothing but the best. Click here to redeem your prize.

[Top photo via All other photos via Getty Images]