The ex-boyfriend Bristol Palin dumped to be with Levi gave an interview yesterday and revealed that Bristol's big brother Track—who is friends with the ex—called his sister "two four-letter pejoratives." Which ones?

Ben Barber dated Bristol until two months ago, and is "close friends" with the Palins' eldest son, Track. Here's how Track consoled Ben when he found out about Bristol and Levi getting back together:

Barber says upon hearing the news he went outside with Track and asked him what he thought of the rekindled romance. Barber said Track was "disappointed and didn't approve of the situation"—so much so, Barber says, that Track called his sister two four-letter pejoratives.

Four letters means it can't be "bitch" or "whore," which would have been my first guesses. Here are a few other possibilities, with imaginary examples of how Track might have used them:

  • Cunt "Why would that cunt dump you for Levi?"
  • Slut "That slut is going to make our mom cry."
  • Shit "Did you see that little shit on the cover of Us Weekly?"
  • Twat "If that twat expects me to be a groomsman, I'll slit my wrists."
  • Arse "Blimey, what an arse me sissy is! She bloody bungled it, like the time I went pissing with a bunch of British sailors and learned all these cool words."

The first time Levi and Bristol planned to marry, Ben agreed to be a groomsman. When that relationship fell apart, Bristol fell into Ben's arms, and drove the friends apart, Ben claims.

She was totally anti-Levi. I heard from a friend and then Bristol told me the next day, ‘You're going to be mad. I've been talking to Levi.' I didn't care, but this is really surprising, you go from hating Levi to marrying Levi in two to three months.

Ben also says Bristol "totally swapped personalities" when she became famous. "A lot of this has gone to her head. Her mom's, too." His guess for the future of the starcrossed lovers of Wasilla: "They may go get married, make however much money, and call it quits." [DailyBeast, image of Track, Bristol, and Levi via Getty]