Forget our cars and our electronics, what international markets really want are our reality television concepts. Which international locales are producing their own casts of Real Housewives to claw each others eyes out?

First up is the Real Housewives of Athens which is currently filming. (Oh, to go from Euripides to this is a real tragedy.) There's also a version of the show in the works in Spain, although Bravo in engaged in a legal fight to prevent the unauthorized program from hitting the air. Another Housewives imitator that's been cast but hasn't started filming: Real Housewives of Sandbanks, which is set in a tony British beach community. (That sounds like Real Housewives combined with Jersey Shore. Can we start petitioning BBC America to carry this thing?) And there are other knockoffs planned for France, Italy, Germany, and Australia in the coming months. Damn, this is like the Subway of reality shows!