Debuting as a 1953 comic book, Richie Rich was a symbol of propaganda touting "Not all people with big silver spoons shoved into their behind are so bad." It's said he took his own life at some point, hence Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost...

That's what Bart and Lisa said anyway...

Here's a clip from the 1998 series I never saw, it's in minisode format, you know what that means. It's one of those shows that they can't even GIVE away anymore. So go ahead and watch a little until you understand WHY it's not worth watching.


Now this version I remember, Richie became one of the characters to try and bust-a-ride on Scooby Doo's coattails. Unfortunately Richie did The Richie Rich-Scooby Doo Hour while Scrappy was around, hence you don't even see the kid on Cartoon Network or Boomerang these days.

If anybody can illustrate exactly what Richie Rich really stood for all this time, it's the good people over at Adult Swim. Here's Richie's MTV Cribs appearance, yo!