Facebook is going to hit 500 million users next week. And they're celebrating by letting you share your "Facebook stories" with the world. Get ready for one million really creepy stalking tales.

All Things Digital reports that Facebook is launching a sub-website next week featuring users' 420-character "Facebook stories" displayed either by geographical location or themes like "finding love," "coping with grief" and "natural disasters." You can go here now to share your story.

Here are some suggestions:

Finding Love

  • The time you figured out the name of the girl you woke up next to using only Facebook and an old ATM receipt she left in your bed
  • The time you realized through Facebook that the cute boy you met at the party was your second cousin, but didn't tell anyone.
  • The time a beautiful Russian girl with enormous fake boobs named "Natasha" randomly friended you and wanted you to check out her awesome pics HERE.

Coping with Grief

  • The time you couldn't get out of bed for days because your ex-girlfriend posted a picture of her making out with some random dude
  • The time your friend died and you honored his memory by painstakingly caring for his Farmville farm.

Natural Disasters

  • The time you defended someone who kept urging people to text donations to Haiti
  • The time you "liked" a picture of the burned-out carcass of your friend's childhood home just to be a dick.