In yet another sign that American values are doomed, Fox News has uncovered the shocking truth about how detained illegal immigrants are treated in your country: They're allowed to play bingo! And they have access to libraries! Is nothing sacred?

Officials from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, told Fox News that under Obama's new immigrant detainee policy, some illegals being held in ICE detention centers enjoy access to legal libraries and game nights. But ICE says not to worry, because none of these activities will put the American public at risk. Intrepid Fox reporter Jamie Colby tells what she saw inside the ICE facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and it is shocking indeed:

The healthcare provided was extensive, special meals are already available for those with dietary or religious needs, there's a hair salon for the female detainees, a library including law books and access to lexis nexis legal cases as well as fitness and movie nights."

Watch for yourself: