Rev up your typing fingers, B-Movie buffs, it's time to start freaking out on Sci-Fi message boards. Roger Corman is back in all of his campy glory. That's right, SyFy's Sharktopus finally has a trailer! And it. Is. Awesome.

Sure, it's only 2:13 long, but through this cinematic masterpiece of a trailer, we've already learned so much about the illustrious Sharktopus.

  • It has a Beach Blanket Bingo-ish theme song (sung by The Cheetah Whores—no, really) that we will all be humming for the rest of summer.
  • I bet the Sharktopus has a 100% record for predicting all worldwide soccer matches (take that, Paul).
  • When it comes to the Roberts' family, a movie about a killer half-shark, half-octopus terrorizing a beach town will most certainly be on my must-see list over a two-hour self indulgent white girl problem, ahem, Eat, Pray, Love. Point to Eric Roberts.
  • It can walk on land, swim in water, and could all around kick the ass of any other overgrown sea creature... or land creature, at that. I know it's early but I'm crossing my fingers for Sharktopus II: Sharktopus v. Dinoshark.
  • Girls in bikinis, guns and yachts. Because, why not?
  • The sharktopus is a killer ladies man.
  • I guess there's a plot too. Turns out the sharktopus was a Navy experiment gone horribly wrong AWESOME!

I'm sure there's more to flip out about, but I'm too busy setting my DVR for Sept. 25th to make sure I don't miss out the most groundbreaking television event of the season.

[via YouTube]