Gwyneth Paltrow usually subsists only on kale. But sometimes she eats real food, and this is a news story. Today, she ate some real food. Did her flesh instantly sag off her body and pool at her ankles?

Nah, America's most perfect person got giggly! Writes the Daily Mail:

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow abandoned her strict macrobiotic diet to have supper with husband Chris Martin at new London restaurant Colony.

She threw caution to the wind and enjoyed tiger prawns in piri piri sauce, chicken tikka masala, vegetarian dumplings, asparagus wrapped in filo pastry and yellow lentils.
‘Gwyneth really let her hair down and was drinking the house cocktail called a Suffering Bastard which got them giggling,' says a mole.

She "threw caution to the wind"? Oh yeah, The Daily Mail forgot to mention that she was eating asparagus wrapped in filo pastry in the Kandahar province.

[Pic by Getty]