We've all dreamed of smashing an ATM to get at the sweet, sweet money inside. But it always seemed like such a hassle. Dragging it behind a car? Messy crowbars? No more! Now you can rob ATMs the easy way.

In the WSJ today, Sean Gardiner reveals just how god damn hard it is to get into an ATM's honey pot: traditional methods by NYC thieves include crowbar assault, blowtorches, and having the bastard machines "yanked from their metal stands by a chain, sometimes attached to an older-model Cadillac with fancy spoked wheels." But recently, thieves have smartened up:

In the five more recent incidents between April 7 and May 19, the suspects used a master key that opens a steel door that covers the lower portion of the ATMs below the keypad, screen and cash dispenser

And once you get hold of the master key you just have to somehow drill through the other combination lock inside the machine! Maybe the dragging-by-Cadillac method is easier after all.

[WSJ. Pic: Flickr]