What Class Should James Franco Teach at Yale?

The actor and hiptellectual (we're just making up words these days, right Sarah?) announced on Good Morning America today that he will be teaching a "very special class" in New Haven next year. What should it be? We have ideas.

One would assume the class would be either performance- or writing-based, but who knows! The mysterious Mr. Franco has a wide variety of interests. Here, let's make suggestions.

  • Advanced Face-Making
  • Sleep Studies 101
  • Soap Opera Semiotics
  • Homoeroticism in Action (an independent study conducted in senior Lance Holbrook's dorm room)
  • Higher Learning (get it?)
  • Applied Good Looksism
  • How to Never Really Act Well But Still Have a Movie Career (linked with Applied Good Looksism)

Oh, we kid. What should Franco teach? Elis: Will you take this caramel dreampuff's very special class? Also, how hard is it to dress up like a Yale student and audit a class? We'd like some guidance on that, please.


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