Watch as gay freaks who want families of their own, and thus hate families, "bully and intimidate" a poor Albany woman who was just trying to sit and watch a National Organization for Marriage rally in peace. She was threatened!

By a few New Black Panthers gay folks holding colored umbrellas. She asked them to move (in a public park), they were staging a protest so they chose to stay put, but she did not move either, in order to stand up for her family. She sees it as representative of the larger struggle — she just wants to live her family life in peace and not be confronted by the people she's actively denying a right to the same kind of family. NOM clearly agrees with her, judging by the sad, tinged-with-inspiration music. Keep on fighting the good fight, everyone. Mostly you, irony.

Important Question: Who is the man shushing? One of the kids? What is the kid trying to say??

[via Queerty]