Today at Gawker.TV, Holly Madison buys her 21-year-old assistant breast implants for her birthday, The Soup bids adieu to The Hills, Tiger Woods has a dirty mouth, and Regis Philbin can't keep his old-man-hands off of Paul Rudd's face.

Regis Philbin Can't Stop Touching Paul Rudd's Beard
When Paul Rudd walked onto the set of Live today, all eyes—and hands—were on the actor's mega-beard. Although the beard is "not by choice," Rudd still had to endure questions of conditioning and Regis' old-man-hands touching his face.

Tiger Woods' Mouth Is as Dirty as His Fingers
We all know that Tiger Woods likes dirty text messages, among other things. Turns out he's got a potty mouth, too! Here's video of Woods dropping multiple f-bombs on live television yesterday, after missing a putt at the British Open.

The Soup Gives an Explosive Farewell to The Hills
How did Joel McHale and The Soup say goodbye to it's favorite punching bag? By pointing out all of the finale's gaping holes in plot and recreating their own version of the show's trippy ending—this time, everyone dies!

Holly's World: A Show that's All About Boobs
This week on Holly's World, Holly decides to buy breast implants for her assistant's 21st birthday. In this heart-to-heart Holly talks about what lead her to having big boobs: Destiny.

True Blood Explores Supernatural Jealous Lovers
There was some serious gangsta on True Blood last night! First, Sookie's werewolf protector had a jealous ex-girlfriend threatened to shank her. Then Tara's new boyfriend/captor got jealous of Lafayette. Girl, please.