Just like high school, someone's weave got pulled out last week on RHONJ, so there'll be hell to pay this week. Real problems are solved in fancy courts, so Danielle went after a 19-year-old girl for pulling her hair.

It clearly makes no sense to argue logic, but it's easy to say that Danielle might be acting a little more intense about the hair-pulling situation than she has to be. It's not okay to fight, but was charging someone with simple assault really the best way to respond?


It's funny how everyone wants nothing to do with Danielle, but can't stop talking about her. Even Ashley's boyfriend has had enough.

Aside from Danielle drama, the master of entertainment that is Teresa stole the show talking about Juicy Joe and and making an old-person crack about Kim G. Anyone wanting to play both sides of a situation should really make a study of Kim G.-does she realize she is being recorded?