Last night I learned something about reality dating shows. They can get real. On The Bachelorette, Frank realized he still loved his ex-girlfriend and flew to Tahiti to break Ali's heart. They both felt real feelings and cried real tears.

No, I didn't watch the entire season, and I'm not the biggest fan of The Bachelor franchise. But what went down on last night's episode was a real break-up. You could see that they both had very real feelings for each other, and you know what? Ali might have even wanted to pick Frank at the end. Why go with the hot dudes? Why not Frank, the nerdiest of the bunch?

Anyway, here's the clip of Frank breaking the news to Ali. It's pretty uncomfortable to watch—which would normally be the best kind of TV—but it's a bummer, too.

[There was a video here]

If you can believe it, this went on for another few minutes! Ali tells Frank he's selfish (true) and that she couldn't believe how much effort he put into staying on the show if he had feelings about another girl. Girl, we're on your side.