Last night on Huge, the camp held its big talent show, and like all things camp related, it was awkward and cringe-worthy. Video inside.

Initially, popular girls Chloe and Amber were supposed to perform Sir Mix-A-Lot's classic ode to big butts ("Baby's Got Back"). But when they backed out before curtain call, Becca took the stage, where she danced along to Piznarski's very white-boy rendition of the song. Alistair followed their act with an attempt at magic, but when it failed he resorted to poking fun at his size, much to the delight of the audience.

As if this stereotypical, self-deprecating display of "talent" wasn't bad enough, Alistair and Ari's bathroom exchange was severely depressing:


Someone get me a donut; I need a pick-me-up after this episode!