Today at Gawker.TV, Jeffrey Dean Morgan puts on his drunkface for the Late Late Show, The Bachelorette gets dumped, Nic Cage used to vomit after dates, and Sylvester Stallone's wife neutered their dog because his balls didn't match their drapes.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan May Have Been Drunk on Craig Ferguson's Show Last Night
But we're not protesting, it was a bit hilarious. Morgan starts off with a subtle burp, quickly moves into a random story about New Orleans swamp Chiggers latching onto his male parts, then gets disappointed when he has to leave.

This is What a Break-Up Looks Like on The Bachelorette
Last night I learned something about reality dating shows. They can get real. On The Bachelorette, Frank realized he still loved his ex-girlfriend and flew to Tahiti to break Ali's heart. They both felt real feelings and cried real tears.

Sylvester Stallone's Wife Neutered their Dog Because His Nuts Didn't Match their Drapes
While sitting on Letterman's couch last night, Sylvester Stallone told the tale of what happened at home while he filmed Rambo. Upon his return, he discovered that his wife castrated their dog because his bright-red-doggie-balls didn't match their home decor.

Alfonso Ribeiro Wallops a Golf Ball at Lake Tahoe, Does the "Carlton Banks" Dance in Celebration
Alfonso Ribeiro was shown in SportsNation's "Three Cheers" segment Monday winning a celebrity longest-drive competition. It wouldn't be a "Carlton" sighting without some nerdy dancing, though, and Ribeiro appears happy to oblige.

Nic Cage Reflects on Challenges with Ladies and Suppressing his Vomit
Apparently, you wanted to hang out with Nicolas Cage in high school. If he wasn't learning to act or doing mushrooms with his cat, he was taking an attractive girl to prom then throwing up in her hallway.