Last night was the True Beauty finale. TV is all the better for it. The episode starred Jackass "celebrity," Steve-O, who partied with the remaining three contestants in Vegas (fresh out of rehab). The reasons this show sucked, inside.

I thought a simple acronym could help describe the quality of ABC's True Beauty:

Incorporation of Fascist Undertones
Total Deceit

Superficial: As you can see by the end of the season finale, the winning contestant is rewarded with money and photo shoot. But then again, he'll probably use the cash and publicity to start his own charity for out of work, no-brain-wannabe-actors/models.

Hypocritical: The intent of the show is to make inner beauty a priority over external beauty. Unfortunately, the bottom two contestants are judged, first, for their charisma, acting skills, supermodel potential, and overall LOOK. Then usually the more morally bankrupt of the bottom two is kicked off.

Incorporation of Fascist Undertones: There's this film by Passolini titled, Salo—based on de Sade's 120 Days of Sodomy—which is about fascist officials who kidnap Italian children, place them in a house, and force them to abide by their sadistic and violent set of morals while their disobediences are recorded. Those who rebelled are tortured and executed. True Beauty is just a modern version of the age old fascist model of exposing private lives to public ridicule.

Total Deceit: The biggest WTF? of all begins with the show's creative origins. From the get-go, contestants are tricked into an America's Next Top Model-esque show, in which they compete to be the face of Las Vegas, yet are judged on moral character and popularity potential. On a biblical level, it would be like God telling Adam and Eve to give in to temptation, or get voted off the planet. Then they'd eat the fruit and God would be all, "Surprise! I tricked you into temptation. Hahahaha! Now feel my wrath and GTFO of my garden." That, my fellow viewers, is the Devil's job and, I guess, True Beauty's intent as well.

And here's how it all ended:

[There was a video here]

[There was a video here]