Michael Waldron was born with a congenital malformation that left him without four fingers on his right hand. Struggling to fit in—and function—his entire life, 18-year-old Waldron found new hope with a brand new bionic hand. Video inside.

[There was a video here]

Waldron appeared with his mother and NBC Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy on The Today Show this morning to speak with Matt Lauer and show off the functionality he now has, thanks to a brand new type of bionic hand that only 10 people in the United States have been affixed with. It was an inspiring segment—scientifically and emotionally—that makes one stop and really think about what technology is now able to do for those who can most benefit from it.

And if everything else about Waldron's story didn't make you teary-eyed, consider this: his new hand was installed just in time for his high school graduation, allowing him to shake the hand of the man who handed him his diploma.

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