CNN, the network that brought us the hologram interview, once again innovated news today. Shirley Sherrod, the woman wrongly accused of discriminatory behavior and fired by the USDA, was brought in to watch Robert Gibbs's press conference on the topic.

Obviously, the main subject of the conference was Shirley, and CNN used their split screen technology to show her real-time reactions. Did the technique add anything to the story? Nope, most of it was Shirley looking down and focusing on what Gibbs was saying. There were two moments of note.

The first clip, Shirley listens as Robert Gibbs issues an apology on behalf of the administration. It's a pretty sweet moment, watching Shirley react as he's admitting fault.


Then things got meta in the press conference, as Jake Tapper brought up the fact that Shirley was watching this on live television. Gibbs didn't take the bait and speak personally to her, which was the only professional thing about this freakshow.