Tonight on ABC's World News, Diane Sawyer aired her exclusive interview with famously camera-shy (how ironic!) Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, just after the site hit its 500 millionth user. Inside, the best—and most awkward—moments from their candid chat.

Before we get to the funniest/most awkward portions of Sawyer's interview with Zuckerberg, let's start off with the real meat of it: did Zuckerberg, as was reported this week, possibly sign away 84% of his company to a former colleague? Also, how does Zuckerberg answer complaints from users about Facebook's apparent lack of privacy?

On the matter of the ownership, here's what Zuckerberg had to say:


And regarding privacy, he offered this (notice that he's not really admitting fault and essentially saying that, if some people want lax settings, he should "offer" them to everyone—as opposed to allowing them to be opt-in):

Is Zuckerberg a billionaire? Forbes says yes, but he says no:


Billionaire or no billionaire, what about the rumors that Zuckerberg wants his own private jet? Here's what he had to say after Sawyer caught him off guard with the question:

How hard is it to remember your employees' names? Very, apparently:

What does Zuckerberg think about The Social Network? Has he seen the trailer? Is he happy about his casting decision? Does the cousin of the actor playing him in the movie like working at Facebook (I didn't know that, either)? Zuckerberg lets loose:

And finally, how badly does Zuckerberg hate giving interviews? Sawyer asked him, and here's what he had to say:

For the rest of Sawyer's interview with Zuckerberg—plus some promised web exclusives—feel free to visit her web site and watch by clicking here.

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