Man, everyone's apologizing to Shirley Sherrod today. (As they should!) The White House apologized. This random conservative blogger apologized. Now, Bill O'Reilly is apologizing... for the fact that Shirley Sherrod is a racist liberal extremist!

O'Reilly started his Talking Points Memo today by saying sorry to Sherrod for criticizing her over words we now know were taken blatantly out of context—especially since he says he was the victim of similar sleights of hands. ""I owe Ms. Sherrod an apology for not doing my homework." But he then went on to criticize her about a bunch of other stuff she said—like the fact that she said she took a white farmer to "one of his own."

"One of his own?" O'Reilly asked. "Does she mean another American!?." O'Reilly! We literally just went over this. Sherrod's is a story of redemption. Which means the worse she is in the beginning of the story, the better the redemption. She's cured now. She's awesome now. That's how redemption works. [NYMag]