Oh, Ryan. Sweet, self-loathing closet case Ryan (examples here). What homophobic hogwash do you have for us this week? Answer: a lot. Tonight, Ryan stepped up his homophobic game tenfold, and things got ugly (and real). Videos inside.

Tonight's episode of The Real World brought four separate—and equally brain-hurting—segments involving Ryan's devolving relationship with gay roommate Preston (which, in turn, contributes to his evolving—and utterly despicable—bigotry). Let's review them, shall we?

Here, the roommates point out in a conversation with each other that Ryan shouldn't be so worried about whether or not people think he's gay if he's not. Cut to Ryan, on the phone with his cousin, discussing his "black and gay" roommate who "thinks he's so cool," with a bit of added "OMG WHY DO PEOPLE THINK I'M GAY I'M SO NOT GAY!" zing:


Next, the roommates are all in the McDonald's drive-thru when Preston reveals that one of his recent hookups, nicknamed "Big Thang," thinks that Ryan is gay. Naturally, Ryan takes all of this very well, responding with, "I hate that fag," before spewing more homophobic drivel:

Then, Ryan flips out at Preston when he feels, again, that his ~masculinity~ is being questioned, before talking to his brother on the phone and exclaiming, "There's nothing that indicates that I'm gay!"


And finally, Ryan says that his hatred for Preston is ruining his whole outlook on gay people, before pulling out the old, "You're only gay because you can't get any girls!" cliche:

See you next week!

[The Real World: New Orleans]