The NYT today offers some tips on how to make your vacation video just as exciting as the trip itself. Okay, yes, that's one approach. Or, a better option: never make a vacation video.

Roy Furchgott suggests planning out your video in advance; choosing the right video equipment; testing and positioning it properly; getting a good mix of establishing shots and action shots; tightly editing your footage; and ensuring that your microphone is properly filtered.

An alternate method we would suggest: lock your video camera tightly in a closet, and never remove it.

1. Taking a video of your vacation is not as fun as taking your vacation.
2. Watching a video of your own vacation is not as fun as just remembering it, up in the ol' mind.
3. Watching a video of someone else's vacation is pure poison.

What happens to all of these videos that are presumably produced by all of these people you see at all of these place carrying all of these cameras? Nothing. Nobody wants to watch a fucking vacation video. Not your friends. Not your family. Not even—be honest—you. These videos will simply sit around collecting dust. Or, nowadays, sit around on YouTube, being unwatched.

Just take your vacation. Then sell your camera and put that money towards your next vacation.

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