Obesity life stage suggestions! Safe vaginal birth! West Nile everywhere! Hep C hope! Strong like a garbage man! Dangerous like makeup! Deadly like fungus! It's your Thursday Health Watch, where we watch your health—while keeling over!

  • If you're going to get fat, get fat later: "Adults who have been overweight since high school are more likely to be unemployed or on welfare than those who gained weight gradually during their 20s and 30s." Plus, gives you a chance to have some "glory days" stories to kick around as you sit around, poor and unhealthy.
  • The latest word from the medical community: in most cases, it's perfectly fine for women to give birth vaginally after they've already had a C-section. Why is the medical community so concerned about vaginas?
  • West Nile virus in California! West Nile virus in Maryland! West Nile virus in New York! West Nile virus in Chicago! We could go on.
  • New drugs are providing hope in the fight against Hepatitis C. But if you catch Shmepatitis Z, brother, I'm sorry for ya.
  • Are you fit enough to powerlift a trash can, scale an eight-foot fence, and run 120 yards carrying two 50-pound dumbbells? Then you could be a New York sanitation worker! Somewhat anticlimactic, we know.
  • Potentially killer makeup: should it be federally regulated for your eyelash safety? A thousand times yes.
  • By the way, a rare tropical fungus has killed 15 people in the US in the past six years. Don't catch that.
  • Remember swine flu, though? Don't hear much about that one any more.

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