31-year-old Christopher Stone runs two of the worst websites on the Internet: the teen gossip site StickyDrama and its sister amateur porn site, Sticky-n00dz. One day he recorded a sexual assault live and blogged about it, but didn't report it.

On February 26, 2009, 20-year-old John Hock, a popular member of the webcam community Stickam, filmed himself sexually assaulting his 20-year-old girlfriend while she was passed out drunk. He was indicted last June and charged with two counts of sexual assault. (His case is still apparently pending.)

Christopher Stone watched the rape occur live on Stickam. He recorded it, then immediately posted screen captures of the video on StickyDrama—his sleazy crowd-sourced teen gossip site—in a post called "Here We Go Again: Another Hock Sexual Assault." He wrote:

It's well-established that John Hock can sexually assault girls and no one cares enough to arrest or prosecute him. And the victim, who is Hock's girlfriend of 2 weeks, probably won't even think it's a big deal, although she might not appreciate being forwarded a bajillion screencaps of her pussy for the rest of her life.

The next day, a StickyDrama user wrote a post about the victim called "The Face of a Slutty Victim." (Now deleted.)

John Hock was arrested for the incident on June 3, 2009 and charged with two counts of sexual assault. Though news reports at the time of Hock's arrest credited Stone with turning over evidence to the police, he didn't do this until three months after the rape, and only after police served him with a warrant to search his computers web host's servers.

Our source says:

I saw that he was bragging on his website and twitter and formspring about how he was responsible for getting John Hock arrested, and talking about it as if he volunteered the evidence out of the kindness of his heart.

The truth was that when he found out about the rape, and obtained a recording of it, he just posted about it on his website. He didn't report it to the police and even allowed other posts exposing the victim's identity and calling her a slut.

Meanwhile, myself, and a few other members of the community I'm involved with alerted the pheonix police station immediately. We gave them all the information we could possibly find, and told them about stickydrama because Chris had mentioned having a video of what happened.

The police would have e-mailed him asking for the video, but at that time he didn't have any contact information on his website. They wound up leaving a comment asking him to contact them, which he never did.

Three months later, after they had taken may witness statements, and spoken to the victim, they issued a search warrant for his server, thinking that he may have uploaded the video somewhere on the website. Once that happened, and he found out the reason why they were looking there, he then sent in the video.

In a post about receiving the warrant—three months after the alleged rape—Christopher Stone wrote:

"We could not help but feel the handling of the warrant was … well … rude! We would have happily handed over our recording to the police, had they only asked us. But instead of sending a courteous email, the police took our server offline without warning.

Yes, so impolite of the Phoenix police not to ask nicely for the evidence of a rape you'd been keeping on your hard drive for three months.

Update: We couldn't reach Stone by email, because he says traffic from Gawker has crashed his server. And he won't call us because "you'll twist my words more that way." But he has responded via twitter:

Since I can't email, I'll have to tweet: CEASE AND DESIST publishing libelous statements. I was never served any warrant

Also, we forgot to mention: If you would like to share any information on StickyDrama or Christopher Stone please email us.


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