If you haven't been watching this season of Doctor Who, "missing out" doesn't even begin to describe what you're, well, missing. But this video of every opening sequence from the show's over 40-year run might give you a hint.

Haven't heard of the Doctor, you say? Well here's a quick primer: The Doctor is an alien—a Time Lord, to be exact—who has made it his mission to help the human race survive throughout history by helping to solve mysteries and defeat anyone or anything who might threaten our existence. He does this with the help of his many human companions who travel through space and time with him in his TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions In Space), a complex time-travel machine shaped like a 1950's London police phone box. It may sound kind of crazy but, like we mentioned earlier, if you haven't been watching Doctor Who you may want to reconsider. It isn't only the longest running sci-fi show ever, but it's opening theme was the first ever to incorporate electronic music! It's the stuff of legends! And now, over forty years and eleven Doctors later, Doctor Who continues to captivate audiences around the world. So here are all of the show's opening sequences, edited together in all of their glory.

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