We have some of the most creative readers in the world, so naturally they responded to the blank Lindsay Lohan Prison Postcard yesterday by filling it out in all sorts of hilarious ways. Here are some of the best.

Plenty of commenters left simple text messages for LiLo, which is great, but some of you actually created postcards using the template we provided. JabberJabberWock seems to be starting a cottage industry out of making Lindsay postcards and created both of these (click to expand):

Here's a simple but effective message from CamelToe:

This is my personal favorite by SharonBallBearings:

Keep them coming! Leave your completed postcards in the comments. The person who comes up with the best one will win the commendation of their peers. And we'll also print it out and send it to LiLo on our own dime. (All other commendable cards will earn a star for their creators, if they don't have one already.) Get to work!