Here's an ultra-gory NSFW red band trailer for Robert Rodriguez's grindhouse feature Machete, based on a fake trailer from those other Grindhouse movies. We've seen footage of this movie a few times before, but none quite so Rodriguezianly (hah) bloody.

Arguably the grossest part is the intestinal bungee cord, which is grand and ridiculous and just a tad too over the top. I was hoping for something a little grittier and darker than Rodriguez's shlocky (in a bad way) Grindhouse installment, Planet Terror. Maybe a more outrageous El Mariachi/Desperado. But no, he looks to have gone whole hog with the blood 'n' guts and silliness, which is slightly disappointing. Ah well. At least we have Michelle Rodriguez with enormous guns, Steven Seagal wearing a delightful Asian muumuu and severing heads, and, though not shown in this trailer, Lindsay Lohan as a firearm-wielding nun. It'll be fun, for sure, just a bit more cartoony than I'd hoped.

[via The Playlist]