Today at Gawker.TV, John Mayer reflects about his past over-sharing during interviews, we discover Bender's origin on Futurama, Bethenny Frankel goes into labor, Enrique Iglesias and George Lopez get close, and more words of wisdom from the Double Rainbow Guy.

Has John Mayer Finally Learned His Lesson from Being a Total Douchebag?
This morning on The Today Show, everyone's favorite guitar-slinging apologist and "sexual napalm" enthusiast John Mayer got a teensy bit humble when he told Matt that he's finally learned a lesson from all of his overshare-filled, douche-tastic interviews.

George Lopez and Enrique Iglesias Get a Little Gay on Lopez Tonight
George Lopez is essentially the less-inhibited Jay Leno, so it was no shock that he point blank asks Enrique Iglesias if he's ever kissed a guy. Iglesias asks if he meant experimentation, then one thing leads to another...

Watch Bender's Surprisingly Touching Origin Story on Futurama
Everyone who's anyone already knows that Bender Bending Rodriguez the Robot was "Hecho En Mexico". What we didn't know was that the foul-mouthed drunkard-bot can owe his continued livelihood to another member of the cast.

Bethenny's Water Breaking?
Last night on the penultimate episode of the questionably question mark-titled Bethenny Getting Married?, the already-married Bethenny's water broke. What's next, Bethenny Giving Birth? What about after that? Blah, whatever. Video of the moment in question after the jump.

Rainbows are Not the Most Beautiful thing Double Rainbow Guy has Ever Seen
After his video took the internet by storm, everybody wanted to know what the deal is with the Double Rainbow Guy. Last night he sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and gave us some answers behind the internet's favorite rainbow video.