The Coca-Cola Company has tried to have a lawsuit thrown out that claims Vitaminwater® is really just sugar water, but a federal court yesterday said the company has violated FDA regulations and will allow the lawsuit to proceed.

Imagine that! Coca Cola's Glacéau is lying to consumers about their magical elixir, Vitaminwater®, which they say performs amazing feats such as the "focus" flavor's ability to "reduce the risk of age-related eye disease." The company's use of the word "healthy" on its products also violates the FDA's "Jelly Bean" rule that prohibits companies from selling junk foods that provide minimal health benefits while passing them off as such. Federal Judge John Gleeson explained his decision to allow the lawsuit, by the Center for Science in the Public Interest to go forward:

In sum, plaintiffs' allegations sufficiently state a claim that defendants have violated FDA regulations by making health claims about vitaminwater even though it does not meet required minimum nutritional thresholds, by using the word ‘healthy' in implied nutrient content claims even though vitaminwater's fortification does not comply with FDA policy, and by using a product name that references only two of vitaminwater's ingredients, omitting the fact that there is a key, unnamed ingredient [sugar] in the product."

Damn. This troubling news, along with the fact that Muscle Milk® and MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Hardcore™ powder are actually over-the-counter arsenic, should concern every health conscious person and rattle their faith in these awesome companies. We've been bamboozled.

[via Consumerist; image via]

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