That nun you gave money to in Little Italy the other day? Turns out, she's not a nun. And not only is she not a nun, she's raising money for a notorious cultish church founded by a rapist and murderer.

The New York Post ran a classic Post story on Sunday, exposing a woman who panhandles in New York City's Little Italy claiming to be an Episcopalian nun as a fraud with ties to a notorious cultish church whose founder, Devernon LeGrand, was convicted of murder in 1976 after killing an ex-wife and two teenage girls from his church who threatened to testify against him.

Mindy is apparently the daughter-in-law of Devernon, who died in prison in 2006. Which son she's married to is anyone's guess—"Bishop" Devernon reportedly had 47 kids. (According to the Post, who followed her home one day, she was greeted at home by a "hulking man" who "whacked her lustily on the behind.")

Devernon's sons, who have the truly awesome names Quomenters and Noconda, appear to run the church now, and—according to local youth—are well-liked in their Crown Heights neighborhood. (Noconda was convicted of rape alongside his father; he was released in 1984.) They also appear to be able to mobilize supporters to the Post's comments section, where several people claiming to be LeGrands have shown up to defend the family: