The fourth season of My Boys premiered on TBS last night! Unfortunately, most of us were tuned into Mad Men. So, open thread, guys—do you watch the show at all? What do you think of the new season?

Many of you might be wondering what My Boys even is. What, you're telling me you don't recognize the cast? Lauren Conrad's real-life boyfriend, Craig Robinson's wife from Hot Tub Time Machine, and the brother from Titus, a bald guy, and a fairly attractive blonde girl?

I see your point. Which is, probably, why I forgot to set the DVR to catch this new episode. However, this show has a lot of heart, and even if I didn't want to get into it, those TBS marathons have made it impossible for me to not know the entire plot of the show.

Did anyone watch last night? Was Jim Gaffigan's presence sorely missed? Did anything interesting happen? Share your thoughts below.

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