Can you believe we still live in a world where people get away with downloading all sorts of media, from movies to music? What happens when a man attempts to sell a sacred combination of both? Answers after the jump.

If you thought it was safe to sell Polka DVDs you directed but don't own the rights to in the city of Warren Michigan... THINK AGAIN! The Colbert Report recreates the very real situation that got a man in some very real trouble with the law.


Here is the man responsible for the city crackdown. This is the enemy of the bootlegging pirate. You know he has strong moral fiber with these hilarious impressions.

What does it all mean? Not very much, except that it's an absurd world we live in when this guy's getting nailed by the fuzz, and just yesterday an asshole on Prince and Broadway tricked me into buying this bootleg copy of Inception that turned out to be about six pretty racist Bugs Bunny Cartoons. Final say? This Fred Merle dude got nailed.