Rod Blagojevich probably never imagined that when he hired R. Kelly's former lawyer to close out his corruption trial that it would turn into a circus. Never! But Sam Adam Jr. made a scene, and said he'd go to jail.

Blago, on trial for corruption because he tried to sell Barack Obama's senate seat (allegedly!), decided it was a good idea to add Sam Adam Jr. to his defense team, and have him close out the trial. And yesterday, Adam delivered. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, before he began his closing arguments, Adam wanted to mention witnesses who the prosecution did not call to the stand:

With all due deference to the court, I have a man here who's arguing for his life. . . . I can't effectively represent this man. . . . I can't follow this order," Adam told Zagel. "I'm willing to go to jail on this."

What a brave man. And just the kind of guy you want fighting for you. After all, "dad did it," Adam told the court, referring to his father going to jail for in the past for clients. It's bound to get even better. And if Adam could help get R. Kelly off on child porn charges, he's certainly got some talent.

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