America's favorite fired government lady Shirley Sherrod has finally revealed the new job Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack offered her! Does she think it's "special," as it was billed? Eh, she's barely started considering it.

The position is... Magical Hero & Not-Racist Conqueror of Life! The pay would be $5.7 million per week, and her job would be to sass the president whenever he screws up.

No. It's Deputy Director of the Office of Advocacy and Outreach at the USDA. Hooray! The pay's probably $100k-ish (the office was only established last October). So what does Shirley Sherrod think of it? Is she cool?

She seems pretty indifferent about considering this job. She's overwhelmed. You probably would be, too, after being the central figure of a national racial debate controversy thing in every single news outlet for a week:

Sherrod said she sat down to read through the offer for the first time this morning, but has not read it in its entirety yet. She still has many questions about the offer before coming to any decision, she said, such as who is the director of the department and whether and how much money is appropriated for the work that should be accomplished in the position.

"I need to have a conversation with someone," Sherrod said, though she was not sure whether she would speak with Vilsack directly.

Change it to Deputy Magical Hero of the Office of Advocacy and Outreach at the USDA and you've got a deal, Vilsack.

[Image via AP]