Mean, stubborn crook Rep. Charlie Rangel has finally realized that he's two days from the start of a House ethics trial, so maybe it's time to deal? Unfortunately, this would involve him admitting any wrongdoing, which is unacceptable to him.

The AP reports that he's making a last-minute attempt to reach a settlement with the House ethics staff. He would probably keep his seat under a settlement! And his Democratic colleagues would thank him for not going through a House ethics trial right before the election.

But he would have to admit he did anything wrong, which is asking a lot!

New York Democrat Charles Rangel is making a last-minute effort to settle his ethics case and prevent a trial that could embarrass him and damage the Democratic Party.

The House ethics committee chairman, Democrat Zoe Lofgren of California, says the secret talks are between Rangel's attorney and the non-partisan staff of the committee. She heads the full ethics committee and also the panel that would decide in a trial whether charges of ethical misconduct could be proved.

Lofgren said she is not involved in the talks. She said the congressmen on the ethics committee have always accepted the recommendations of the professional staff in previous settlements. People familiar with earlier talks said those negotiations broke down when Rangel would only admit to some violations.

Will they work it out, or will Rangel "go Blago"?

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