On Saturday night, the son of a Florida state House candidate hid an infrared camera next to his father's campaign signs at an intersection, to catch thieves. Within minutes, his father's opponent and his wife were caught doing exactly that.

Do watch the video, and soak in their embarrassment. The thief candidate, Greg Brown, at one point tells his wife Jennifer, "Wait, your fingerprints are still on the ones laying down." They thought they were so savvy, worrying about fingerprints and cool spy stuff like that. Didn't check to see if see if there were any cameras several feet away, though!

Here's Brown's excuse, from the Pensacola News Journal:

When contacted by phone Monday afternoon, Greg Brown said he and his wife did nothing wrong by removing [opponent Doug] Broxson's signs from property owned by a Brown campaign supporter.

He said he saw his opponent's signs on a vacant lot owned by Don Dewrell, 69, of Holt after leaving a political rally in Jay on Saturday night. He said he and Dewrell previously agreed that he'd be the only District 1 candidate allowed to put signs on the property.

"I disposed of them," he said. "Quite honestly, I may have put them in my own trash can at home. I am not completely sure."

Yes, this is why he didn't bring up the issue with Broxson in person or through some legitimate channel before sneaking around at night to take them — while worrying about fingerprints or being seen by anybody — and dispose of them in a place he does not recall.

Brown has accused Broxson of playing "dirty politics." Jesus.

[via Political Wire]