Chris Poole is looking for hackers for his new startup Canvas Networks, which is pretty strange considering the last website he started, 4chan, is notoriously a place teeming with, uh, hackers. Going legit isn't always an intuitive process.

Since starting 4chan under the anonymous handle "moot," Poole has been easing his way into polite society, revealing his real name to the press in 2008 and raising $625,000 for Canvas, a planned image-sharing site, earlier this year.

Now Poole's Canvas Networks has posted a job listing for two software developers, as reported over at Business Insider. Presumably Poole is looking for something other than one of the coders and network crackers who frequents /b/, 4chan's most notorious discussion board, where users have launched harassment campaigns against an 11-year-old electro pop singer and an expert on cyberbulling who had been scheduled to appear on Good Morning America.

Though still active in running 4chan, Poole has become quite scarce on /b/, one longtime user tells us, and doesn't seem particularly fond of the controversial section. He's focused on other parts of 4chan, like launching a new section, /vp/, on all things Pokémon earlier this month.

So we're guessing that the programming talent hanging around on Poole's old image-sharing site 4chan won't be the first place he'll turn for the coders for his new image-sharing site Canvas Network, especially given high profile investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Caterina Fake. Then again, since 4chan users are anonymous anyway, who would even know if he did?

[Pic: Poole by Dave Coustan/Flickr]