Aleksei Dymovsky was an average 32 year-old cop in Novorossiysk, Russia. Sick of the endemic corruption on the police force, he sat down and made a simple Youtube video of himself talking about the problem. How'd that work out?

  • He became a big hero! Two million Youtube views!
  • But he was fired from his job as a police officer.
  • Then, according to the NYT, the "police interrogated him, his relatives and his close friends, and raided their homes."
  • Also they tried to plant drugs on him.
  • Then they arrested him and charged him with embezzling.
  • He was jailed in isolation for six weeks.
  • After being released, he was ordered to pay damages to the local police chief for "slander."
  • And he and his family are still being threatened by the police.

Shame on you, Russia. In America, we only treat foreigners this poorly.