This music scion was indeed going nilly on willies. Also today a mysterious item about a lesbian Hollywood couple and the TV actress who broke them up (I think), and two singers entering a feud.

1) "Despite an earlier tiff, these two singers are actually friendly with each other. Not for long. Singer 1′s beau doesn't like Singer 2… for a rather unexpected reason. It's not Singer 2′s singing voice or choice of music or costume or imagery. He's peeved about that weird fake accent that Singer 2 has adopted. He finds it personally offensive. So he and his publicist are planting stories about a fake feud between the two singers. Singer 1 does not find this funny at all, and insists that if her beau doesn't stop torturing Singer 2, that he'll be walking down the aisle alone. Frankly, all three of these people are so darn entertaining, it would be interesting to see this fake argument snowball into a full-blown three-way feud. Madonna is not involved in this feud." [BlindGossip]

2) "Hopefully I can make this simple. C+/B- list married actress who just got a promotion on a very hit network drama series. Although she is married she is the reason this long term, out lesbian couple broke up. Our married actress had a scorching affair with this C+/B- list actress who has always been out and has been the lead or close to top billed on some excellent shows that just for whatever reason could not catch on." [CDaN] (Simple mission... failed.)

3) "A daughter of a famous musician was at a club last week partying it up. The source claims she spent a lot of time in the men's bathroom doing three male friends some favors, if you catch the drift. When asked about her techniques, she claimed her famous father told her about his experiences on tour and that is where she learned the tricks of the trade. Not Liv Tyler." [BuzzFoto]