First, there was the War on Smoking. That got boring. Now, there's the War on Obesity. And everyone is forgetting about smoking altogether! Well, what do you expect, when the obese are out of control?

The NYT today illustrates how, as public and private funding of anti-obesity measures has increased over the past several years, funding for anti-smoking programs has decreased. They go together like eating and then smoking immediately afterward! Consider: "One in five Americans still smokes. But one in three is obese."

If you see those numbers and come to the conclusion that obesity is a bigger problem, well, you're probably a smoker. But you're probably right. Obesity is not just a danger to the obese; it is a crazymaking condition. We base this finding on today's report of ARMED BLOBBERY, in which a 250-pound woman robbed a Manhattan store.

Just anecdotal, you say? Consider this: airline policies on overweight passengers are not even consistently enforced. That puts us all in danger, whether smoking in an airplane lavatory or simply seated next to an obese passenger, who may or may not be smuggling cigarettes somewhere on their unchecked persons.

Only when all obese citizens are forced to smoke can we get our priorities "back on track."

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