Live-Blogging Top Chef, Week 7S

Want to add some spice to you Wednesday night? Join our live blog of Top Chef in the comments section under this post! It has all the ingredients of a good time — and no monosodium glutamate!

Here's how it works: Turn on the TV, tune in Bravo and post comments about the show when it comes on at 9 Eastern. It's that easy! To give you an idea of how it works, I've collected a few tartest-tongued quips from our last live blog in the post linked here. Other memorable moments from last week included these:

  • We had fun naming dangerous pathogens that could lurk in poorly prepared exotic meats. Examples included "yakteria" (from commenter Saxon 212) and "emu coli" (from commenter TheLemon).
  • We noticed that when Amanda's on-screen, it's impossible not to look at that thing on her lip. What is that lip-thing? It's almost as distracting as Aaron Neville's eyebrow-thing!
  • Following the guest-judge's nasty put-downs of several cheftestants' dishes, commenter robina dubbed her "Michele Buuuuurnstein."
  • In a D.C.-inspired elimination format, a group of mostly white chefs nominated two black chefs for elimination. Then a black chef lost. Democracy!

Speaking of voting choices, I recently elected to watch the preview clips of tonight's episode. Having done so, I nominate the following moments as "things to watch for as we live-blog":

  • Congressman Aaron Schock will deliver a boring and perplexing speech about house ethics rules as a lead-in to the quickfire challenge's "bite-size food" theme. I can't recall what the connection was … maybe that "ethics rules bite"?
  • Upon hearing that the quickfire winner will get $20,000, Andrea will tell us about how much she could really use the money – something that would worry me if I were Andrea's arch-nemesis, Michelle Bernstein. I wonder what hit men charge in Miami these days?
  • There will be some kind of scandal that will cause people to say "pea purée" over and over. Pea purée! Pea purée! Let's drink every time someone says that. Pea-purée-gate will get us all drunk!

Ok all you pepper-pots, it's time to start the reality-show flavor-enhancement process. I'll see you in the comments section!

[Image, minus chef's hat: AP]